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Primanti Bros Sending Sandwiches to Titans for Steelers Playoff Berth



Titans Steelers Playoff HC Mike Vrabel

Primanti Brothers, the iconic Pittsburgh sandwich company, is sending sandwich kits to Nashville for the Tennessee Titans as thanks for sending the Steelers into the playoffs. The Steelers playoff hopes hinged on the Titans on Sunday, who defeated the Jaguars 28-20 to send Pittsburgh to the postseason.

“Sandwich kits are being prepped, and Primanti Brothers will be sending enough sandwiches to feed the Titans – especially head coach and former Steeler, Mike Vrabel,” according to a press release from Primanti Bros.

“Nothing says ‘Thank you’ like a great meal,” Adam Golomb, the CEO of Primanti Bros said. “And there’s no better meal in Pittsburgh than Primanti Bros. We all need a little help from our friends,” Golomb added. “And we’ve got a soft spot for Vrabel and his squad in Tennessee – unless we’re meeting them on the field. But for today – the Titans were our friends.”

The Steelers’ playoff chances were boosted by their win over the Ravens on Saturday night, but they needed help. Tennessee and former Steeler Mike Vrabel propelled them into the postseason behind a vintage Derrick Henry performance.

Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence had two costly interceptions in the first half, which contributed to the Titans’ 21-13 lead at halftime. The first interception was by former Steeler Terrell Edmunds deep in Jaguars territory. Six plays later, Spears ran up the middle for a 3-yard touchdown.

The Steelers had a 9% chance of making the playoffs on the morning of Dec. 24, according to the New York Times playoff simulator. The season appeared to be over, but Mason Rudolph’s stellar play led the charge to three straight wins to end the regular season.

The Steelers will find out their playoff destination late on Sunday night. They will be looking for their first playoff win since the 2016 season. Pittsburgh will face the Chiefs, Dolphins, or Bills in the Saturday 8 p.m. slot or the Sunday 1 p.m. slot.