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Sehawks Dealt Two Blows Ahead of Steelers Game



Steelers LB Jordyn Brooks

The Seahawks suffered two injuries against the Tennessee Titans that could loom large for their big clash with the Steelers on Sunday. Linebacker Jordyn Brooks and left Damien Lewis both sustained injuries. Those are two massive injuries that could change how this game goes.

For one, Brooks suffered an ankle injury. It was an ankle that had already been battered throughout the year, but Brooks left a hole in the middle of the Seattle defense who already lacks high-end linebackers. If he is out, that could mean that Devin Bush might play well against his former team. Brooks’ athleticism and headiness makes the Seahawks defense go, and so if he is out, that could open up chances for explosive plays over the middle of the field to guys like George Pickens and Pat Freiermuth.

Late in the game, Lewis suffered a knee injury. Pete Carroll is not sure how bad the injury is since it occurred so late in the game, but that would have them down one of their starting linemen. That would profile as a strong matchup for Cam Heyward and Keeanu Benton in the middle of the defense. Making Geno Smith feel them will be paramount, and that could become a huge factor for the Steelers.