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2024 NFL Draft

Steelers Draft Digest: Jayden Daniels Over Drake Maye, Top CB Declares



LSU Steelers QB Jayden Daniels
Jayden Daniels strikes the Heisman post | Photo by: Gus Stark

The Steelers’ draft plans for quarterback might be different due to some changes at the top and a key cornerback declaration.

When it comes to what the top of the NFL Draft class will look like, the consensus top three quarterbacks are Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, and Jayden Daniels, in that order. But Benjamin Allbright of KOA Colorado believes that Daniels could go above Maye from who he has talked to overall.

“Based on conversations I’ve had over the last month or so, I would suggest that Jayden Daniels might actually be viewed by more teams as the number two quarterback in this class and not Drake Maye,” Allbright said.

Depending on how far Maye would drop, that could be a fascinating process. If he even got close to the Steelers’ range, it would be hard not to throw your hat into that ring. It’s not something I think will be feasible, but as the process carries on into the later months, it is something to watch.

Iowa cornerback Cooper DeJean is heading to the NFL. He officially declared for the 2024 NFL Draft. With Steelers mock drafts coming out, DeJean has been a popular pick for them. It makes sense, his physicality and athleticism are both attributes they need and value. He will be one of those players to watch closely throughout the process given his intangibles and the obvious need Pittsburgh has at cornerback across from Joey Porter Jr.

Georgia center Sedrick Van Pran has announced that he will declare for the 2024 NFL Draft. The Steelers draft plans seem destined to have a center in them at some point, and while that might not precisely be Van Pran, he is one of the names there. Pittsburgh could pair him back up with Broderick Jones, starting to create an all-Georgia offense as they work to fix the last pieces of the offensive line that are not working. Van Pran is a former wrestler and has excellent core strength to make moves happen. He is not the flashiest mauler, but he does his job well and will be a day-two pick.