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Steelers OT Dan Moore Jr. Tabbed as Trade Candidate



Steelers Browns Dan Moore
Pittsburgh Steelers LT Dan Moore against the Cleveland Browns on Jan. 4, 2022. -- Ed Thompson / Steelers Now

The trade deadline is heating up, and the Steelera are already linked to plenty of rumors, including DeAndre Hopkins and Justin Simmons. But rarely have those rumors come from within. On Tuesday, each ESPN writer for each team was asked to tab one player on that team as a potential trade candidate. Given the Steelers do not have many, it would be tough to find one, but the one that ESPN writer Brooke Pryor selected was starting left tackle Dan Moore Jr.

This is a long shot, but if the Steelers wanted to make a splash, they could do worse than trading their starting left tackle — especially with a first-round rookie waiting in the wings,” Pryor wrote. “Broderick Jones, the No. 14 pick in April’s draft, played well in place of the injured Moore against the Ravens in Week 5, but the Steelers restored a now-healthy Moore back to his starting spot in Week 7. With 38 NFL starts under his belt, Moore could fetch a decent return from offensive-line-needy teams. But because Pittsburgh’s tackle depth behind Moore and Jones is shaky, it’s not a move that would behoove the organization.”

As Pryor notes, this is a long shot. Pittsburgh could get a good return for Moore, though. He’s a young and, at the very least, dependable player. That’s much more than can be said for most offensive lines in the league, as there is a premium shortage of offensive line talent. However, it’s fair to ask if the reward would be worth the risk. Spencer Anderson and Dylan Cook are intriguing players who flashed in the preseason, but Dan Moore, even if benched for Jones at some point this season, is a solid swing tackle.

It’s hard to fully embrace the idea that Moore could be moved unless it is for some overpay. Given that Pryor had to name someone, it’s a tough spot to be in, as the Steelers seem unlikely to move a player just for picks. If they do anything at the deadline, expect Pittsburgh to buy rather than sell. It will just depend on the cost and position. Moore seems safe in Pittsburgh.