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Steelers Urged to Sign Dependable Texans QB



Steelers QB Case Keenum

With the Steelers’ questions at quarterback, specifically at backup quarterback, there will be names thrown out there that analysts think they should sign. That already has happened, with names in the NFL Draft and guys that could be traded for or signed floated out there as possibilities. Of course, that leads to names getting thrown out there that could replace Kenny Pickett, too.

But the latest name from Bill Barnwell is someone who could aid the team in having a secure backup quarterback. He believes that quarterback coach Mike Sullivan’s connection to Texans backup Case Keenum could make him an ideal signing for the team moving forward.

“Quarterbacks coach Mike Sullivan served as the offensive coordinator for the Broncos in 2018, and his starter there was Case Keenum. (If you haven’t noticed, Keenum has connections with just about every coaching staff in the league,” Barnwell wrote.

Keenum has played for many teams, including Steelers’ rivals, the Cleveland Browns. So, the team is familiar with and knows him, which could aid the process if they were to target him. While not a flashy player, Keenum has stuck around the league as an intelligent quarterback and has kept teams afloat whenever entering the game in relief of starters, just like he with the Texans last week in relief of C.J. Stroud.

Barnwell also proposed a potential move for the team to get Geno Smith. The Steelers seem likely to move on from Mason Rudolph and Mitch Trubisky. That means they could add through multiple avenues to the room, but even more than that, Smith would escalate from that. He could be brought in as competition for Pickett, but his hefty cap hit would come in at over $30 million. You know what that means? Either Smith would have negotiated the contract down, or he would start. But Keenum is more of the happy medium that makes sense for the team.