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Watch: Browns Player Wipes Backside with Terrible Towel after Win Over Steelers



Browns Steelers DB Mike Ford
Browns CB Mike Ford uses the Terrible Towel to wipe his backside after the Browns defeated the Steelers 13-10

CLEVELAND —  Browns cornerback Mike Ford had some other uses for the iconic Terrible Towel other than waving it around above his head following the team’s 13-10 win over the Steelers on Sunday. After the game, Ford had a Terrible Towel and a Browns towel and went over to a Steelers fan in the front row.

In the video, he can be seen throwing the Terrible Towel to the ground and stomping on it. After that, he would hand the fan the Browns towel and run away into the locker room, wiping his backside with the Terrible Towel.

He is not the first player to go after the Terrible Towel this year, as Jaguars safeties Andrew Wingard and Rayshawn Jenkins took a Terrible Towel for a ride in their 20-10 win over the Jaguars. The Browns appeared elated with the win, and Nick Chubb saw it from the stands just days after his torn ACL surgery. Chubb suffered his injury against the Steelers and his appearance energized the Browns around their team to pull out the late win.

Myron Cope

Pittsburgh sportscaster Myron Cope shows a Terrible Towel, a Cope brainchild that has become a marketing success, in Pittsburgh, Pa., Dec. 27, 1979. The towel, which is supposed to give almost supernatural powers to the Steelers, will be in the hands of thousands of Steeler faithful when they face the Miami Dolphins. (AP Photo)

The Terrible Towel has been an iconic symbol of the Steelers and the city of Pittsburgh since the 1975. It all started with a simple idea from Myron Cope, a sports broadcaster for the Steelers. He wanted to create something that would unite the fans and give them a sense of unity.

The Steelers and Browns know all about the Terrible Towel and its tradition. That makes the move all the more exciting for the Browns in their victory. They hope they can carry their momentum with Dorian Thompson-Robinson into the future on their playoff push.